Removing what does not Belong

I am blessed to have a wonderful young friend who reminds me that being happy is a choice.
There are so many oppressive forces unleashed upon our world, we are tormented by an endless
procession of irritants! Buonarrotti said he saw an angel within the stone, chipping away,
he set it free. Our lives are much the same way, the beautiful things in life
are often hidden within massive blocks of irritants, but if we drive our chisel with decisive
blows these will soon fall away!

I strike my mallet and the television gives way to beautiful music. Some small project
will be finished and the door no longer hangs up, life gets better! Some poor overworked employee
snaps at me, showing compassion brings a new friend.

Most folks do not think in these ways it seems, life is difficult for them. Though they find little
comfort in numbers, they follow the masses. Business gurus will tell you that the successful
are a tiny percentage, those who follow their own dreams often seem to find their way better. Perhaps it
is good to apply this idea in broader form. Perhaps nonconformity can be a good thing!

We can live in a world of hatred and cynicism, or we can choose to expose the beauty of his world
by chipping away at what does not belong. Not from groups, or by groups…but as individuals. Do not
expect anyone else to change if you are not willing to change yourself. If we are the “Me” or “Me
First” generation, then let us each strive to create worlds of beauty for ourselves. I don’t think
the other generations will mind!


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